House of  La Boetie
Sarlat, capital of Périgord-Noir, is a well-preserved medieval town that retains several centuries of history through its architecture. 

Well maintained Renaissance mansions can be admired side by side with quarter-timber houses. The public gardens above the Palais de Justice were laid out in the 17th century by Le Nôtre,  Louix XIV's gardener who had worked on the royal gardens in Versailles. The old Lanterne des Morts is a 12th century tower with a conical stone roof that was used as a funeral chapel.  The Hôtel de la Boétie is a beautifully restored mansion where Etienne de la Boétie, Montaigne's friend, was born in 1530. The Hôtel de Maleville is another 16th century mansion with a French Renaissance façade and an Italian Renaissance façade. 
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 Renovated houses in Sarlat

Renaissance facade in Sarlat

A quarter-timber house, typical of the area

Heavy slate and conic roofs are also typical of the area.

The City Hall overlooking the market square

Market day


These are NOT chicken! These are geese forced livers.

Sarlat saturday market offers a wide variety of saucissons, from donkey to duck to boar. 


The lantern of the dead

Unusual pillar in the cathedral


WWII War Memorial

Resistance Memorial, with the salamander symbol of the city of Sarlat.



Dinner at the Hotel de la Couleuvrine


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Photographs Christine Guyonneau, May 2000
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