Bibliography By Topic of the Mathematical Sciences in the Medieval Islamic World

Including works published in Western European languages since 1950.

Inspired by a desire to keep my own papers and books in some order, I compiled this bibliography by topic.  It is perpetually under construction.  So far (June 2006) over 2,500 books and articles are included.

When you enter, you will see three windows.  The left window gives the abbreviated bibliographic entries for each topic.  My notation is similar to that used by Kenneth O. May in his Bibliography and Research Manual of the History of Mathematics (1973).  What makes my bibliography especially useful is that these abbreviations are linked to full text in the right frames.  By clicking on an author or journal abbreviation you can see the expanded entry on the right.  The top right frame shows journals and books.  The bottom right frame shows articles.

When an asterisk precedes a name, like *Saliba, the link takes you to a book of articles edited by the author.  I include references to reviews of books listed in the top right frame.  The language of the review is indicated:  (E) = English, (Es) = Spanish, (D) = German, (F) = French, and (I) = Italian.

A reference in parentheses following an article title, such as (99m:01002), is the review number for Mathematical Reviews.

This bibliography can be used in printed form, too.  Typeset the left frame two columns per page, and print the top right and bottom right frames as they are.

For more information on the bibliography, click here.  Send comments, suggestions, and questions to me (Jeff Oaks) at

Thank you!

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