Errata for the fourth printing

Current as of February 7, 2002 (added (07) 27:b to Santa Fe).

I have made some discoveries since 1999 which are too lengthy to include in errata.  Write me if you are interested in these:

Baltimore & Ohio (Nail Notes 2-2-01 and unpublished work I have done)
Boston Elevated Railway  (Nailer News, Fall 2000, pp 7-14)
Delaware & Hudson nails  (Nailer News, Fall 2000, pp 7-14; Winter 2000)
Florida East Coast (Nailer News, Spring 2001, pp 10-11)
Maine Central (05) 30  (Nailer News, Fall 2000, pp 7-14)
Missouri Pacific (Nailer News, Fall 2001, pp 4-6)
Spokane International finds (Nail Notes 10-24-01; Nailer News, Fall 2000, pp 7-14)
U. S. Government, Scotia, NY (Nail Notes 4-19-01)
U. S. Navy (Earl, NJ) (Nailer News, Summer 2000, pp 16-17; Winter 2001, pp 14-15)
Southern Wood Piedmont set (Nail Notes, 10-24-01 and 2-2-01)
Stubby Shadow Set (It was originally used by the Public Service Co.) (Nailer News, Spring 2000, pp 13-15)

Volume I, page 92.

The Algoma Central & Hudson Bay 80 was evidently ordered but never used.  Also, the 82 is probably not part of the set.  See Nail Notes for March 9, 2001.

Volume I, page 110.


2 1/2 x 1/4   sqr R              stl (07) 26

to the Boston & Maine list.  Put the 26 after the 25:b on the third line in the list of nails.  Also, add "B&M" to the square raised 26 in the reverse listing, page 175 of Volume III.

Volume I, page 152.

Add to the Cotton Belt the nail

2 1/2 x 1/4   rnd R              stl (09) 47:c

and make the appropriate change to the reverse listing, page 178 of Volume III.

Volume I, page 154.

Enough voices have spoke up to allow me to conclude that the entire Dardannelle & Russellville set is a fabrication!  Larry Harvey it turns out did NOT acquire the nails from John Hoffmann, and John agrees the set is spurious.

Volume II, page 209.

Under Louisville & Nashville "From poles", eliminate the nail

2       x 1/4   rnd R              stl (04) 37

so that the line reads

2       x 1/4   rnd R              stl (04) 35,36,38

The 37 probably does not exist.  This was an oversight.

Volume II, page 220.

Milwaukee Road.  Add

2       x 9/32  rnd R              stl (07) X8
1 1/4  x 3/16 sqr I  rs         cop (07) 29,30

and delete

1 1/4  x 3/16 sqr I  rs         cop (60) 29:b

 One X8 is known.  The square copper (60) 29:b is really the (07) nail.  Somehow the (07) square 29 amd 30 escaped our attention for seven years!

Volume II, page 247.

New York, Susquehanna & Western.  Add

2 1/2 x 1/4   rnd R              mi (11) 30:b

and make the appropriate addition to the reverse listing, page 180 of Volume III.

Volume II, page 285.

To Salt Lake Route add:

2 1/2 x 1/4   rnd I              stl (18A) 08
2 1/2 x 1/4   rnd I              stl (07) 21
2 1/2 x 1/8+ rnd I  gm      stl (18B) 21 (might be OSL, SLR or UP)

The appropriate changes need to be made also to the reverse listing, pages 184, 162, and186.
Also, the rnd I (07) 08 might be 08:c.

Volume II, page 287.

Santa Fe.  Add

2 1/2 x 1/4   rnd R              stl (07) 27:b
2 1/2 x 1/4   rnd R              stl (06) 31

The absence of the 31 was an oversight, and the minor difference between 27 & 27:b account for the latter not being reported before.  Add these to the reverse listing, of course.

Volume II, page 321.

Spokane International.  Add the nail

2 1/2 x 1/4   rnd R              stl (18C) 51

The 1 3/4" 51 may not belong to the set.  Also, it may be that
2 1/2 x 1/4   rnd R              stl (18C) 54
belongs, but we need more information.  See Nailer News, Fall 2000, pp. 8-9.

Add ``SI'' to the list of railroads which used the round 51 to the reverse listing, Volume III, page 187.

Volume II, pages 335-6.

My description of the The Dalles, Or plant of the UP has been revised.  It should now read like this (changes are in capital letters):

--- The Dalles, OR, 1903.  Originally at Wyeth, OR, this was the Oregon
RR & Navigation Co.'s two-retort portable plant.  In 1905 two cylinders
were added for treating ties and maybe other timbers by BOULTONIZING
(BOILING IN CREOSOTE), and in 1910 its ownership transferred to OSL.
['12, 285]  The plant was moved to The Dalles, OR in 1923, when it became
a UP plant. [WPN 8-51, 97-98][AREA '04, 75]

    In 1933 a fire destroyed the works, and the following year it was
sold to the Forest Products Treating Co., which operated three new retorts.
A fourth, from POCATELLO, was added in 1941, and between 1945 and 1952
the plant came into the hands of Baxco Corp, LATER J. H. BAXTER.  THE PLANT
[WPN 8-51, 97-98]['34, 474]['44, 430]['52, 394]

Volume III, page 60.

Type (37) nails were manufactured by The Steel Company of Canada, Ltd.  A box of these "twisted shank" nails was labeled "Stelco nails / Ardox, spiral"

Volume III, page 103.

Southern California Edison.  All nails with the  exception of the small 36 are 2", not 1 3/4".  Also, the 36:a, 36:c, and the 37 are type (18C).

Volume III, page 136.

Set #5 has GM.

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